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Building Consultancy

Reviewing plans

Working with you to achieve your objectives by providing advice in relation to:

  • Energy efficient design and construction
  • Maximising site potential
  • Solutions to complex projects
  • Heritage restoration

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Building Consultancy

Our aim is to produce cost effective, practical and energy efficient solutions to your building requirements. We offer consultancy in the following areas:

Design Consultancy

Our involvement in the early design stage will ensure that all elements of the design and construction process are considered, avoiding potentially expensive and complex construction details, whilst minimising the long term carbon footprint of your project.

Project Management

We work with our clients throughout the construction process to achieve an end result that suits its purpose, is built to a high standard, with all relevant approvals on-time and on-budget.

Client Representation

We can act on your behalf in dealing with all parties involved in the building and development process. For example, an intended purchase of a property yet to be be renovated by the vendor will require a detailed, precise specification of works attached to the contract. We can negotiate these aspects on your behalf to ensure that you purchase a well finished, problem-free, property.